Monday, July 30, 2007

Paris Hiltion: Love her or hate her? personally I hate her. But whats your opinion? "I hate reading! Someone tell me what's on this menu!" -- Paris Hilton.
Paris has been one of our most arresting national disasters. She's too rich, skinny, blond, nude, slutty, drunk, spoiled and famous

This crystal, flashy computer mouse is so cute. You can have rhinestones to amaze you while you are working on that school document. When the light hits it you can see it sparkle. Even better its on sale go to
Was 29.99 is 19.99

Should Zac be with Vanessa or Ashley? I used to love Zac Efron, but then he cut off his shag that made me so mad. I love shags!! So i dont love him as much as i used to, but hes still really hot.
A sweet treat that wont give you cavities! This is one of the candy purses. Its made out of woven candy wrappers. Its bright, colorfull, shiny, adorable, and so much fun! These sweet purses are very trendy and enviromental friendly. Its made out of 100% recylced materials. visit to check them out!
129 dollars

These coach runners in a pastel print called Coach Scribble Barrett are so cute. I love the pattern. They would look good with a pair of denim shorts and just a plain white tee. This print you see, is there signature pattern. I just love them!

88 dollars